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Harvey Maria Designer Flooring Ranges

Cath Kidston

Exclusive flooring by Cath Kidston, the pioneer of modern vintage style. Inspired by her English country childhood, these nostalgic patterns are the perfect way to add a touch of loveliness to your home. Hard-wearing and easy to maintain, they match whimsical design with super modern practicality.

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Cath Kidston logo

Cath Kidston floral flooring
Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston
Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Flooring Ranges

  • Cath Kidston Spot Stone sample

    Spot Stone

  • Cath Kidston Cowboy Natural sample

    Cowboy Natural

  • Cath Kidston Rose Sprig White sample

    Rose Sprig White

  • Cath Kidston Spot Red sample

    Spot Red

  • Cath Kidston Prussian Blue sample

    Spot Prussian Blue

  • Cath Kidston Spot Blue sample

    Spot Blue

  • Cath Kidston Cowboy Blue sample

    Cowboy Blue

  • Cath Kidston Rose Sprig Blue sample

    Rose Sprig Blue

  • Cath Kidston Dove Grey sample

    Spot Dove Grey

  • Cath Kidston Lamp Black sample

    Spot Lamp Black

  • Spot Willow

Organics Collection

Introducing a remarkable new collection of abstract stone, and complementary feature tiles – the Edge & Square. With fabulous contemporary styling, they’ve been carefully curated to work beautifully alone, or organically together, offering endless design possibilities.


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Organics Collection
Organics Collection
Organics Collection

Organics Collection Flooring Ranges

  • Organics Edge Jurassic

  • Organics Edge Cambrian

  • Organics Edge Natural

  • Organics Edge Portland

  • Organics Square Cambrian

  • Organics Square Jurassic

  • Organics Square Natural

  • Organics Square Portand

  • Organics Stone Cambrian

  • Organics Stone Jurrasic

  • Organics Stone Natural

  • Organics Stone Portland

Dee Hardwicke

Formed from the pattern made by the delicate petals of scattered flowers, Lattice by Dee Hardwicke is a hand-painted design with an organic intricacy in a colour palette inspired by nature.

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Dee Hardwicke pebble grey
Dee Hardwicke
Dee Hardwicke
Dee Hardwicke

Dee Hardwicke Flooring Ranges

  • Dee Hardwicke Cornflower Blue sample

    Cornflower Blue

  • Dee Hardwicke Cherry Red sample

    Cherry Red

  • Dee Hardwicke Pebble Grey sample

    Pebble Grey

  • Dee Hardwicke Hellebore sample


  • Dee Hardwicke Pear Tree Green sample

    Pear Tree Green

  • Dee Hardwicke Hay Field sample

    Hay Field

  • Storm Grey

  • Seedpod

  • Tarn

  • Mist

Little Bricks

A colourful collection of multi-tonal brick shaped tiles in a fresh and contemporary palette. Use them creatively as a border around our designer collections, or try different laying patterns for a stylish block-coloured floor. With their high-quality finish, this playful collection is perfect for even the most demanding spaces.

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Little Bricks flooring

Little Bricks Flooring Ranges

  • Little Bricks Soft Lilac sample

    Soft Lilac

  • Little Bricks Pumice sample


  • Little Bricks Steel sample


  • Little Bricks Fawn sample


  • Little Bricks Harvest Gold sample

    Harvest Gold

  • Little Bricks Venetian Red sample

    Venetian Red

  • Little Bricks Apple Green sample

    Apple Green

  • Little Bricks Bay Blue sample

    Bay Blue

  • Little Bricks Forget-me-not sample


Neisha Crosland

Award-winning British designer Neisha Crosland takes inspiration from shapes found in nature, using them to create her trademark oversized graphics and symmetrical geometric motifs. An eclectic palette and incredible durability make her designs a beautiful yet practical choice for any home or commercial space.

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Neisha Crosland
Neisha Crosland
Neisha Crosland

Neisha Crosland Flooring Ranges

  • Neisha Crossland Check Slate sample

    Check Slate

  • Neisha Crossland Check Flint sample

    Check Flint

  • Neisha Crossland Check Camomile sample

    Check Camomile

  • Neisha Crossland Check Graphite sample

    Check Graphite

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Charcoal sample

    Parquet Charcoal

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Sage sample

    Parquet Sage

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Stone sample

    Parquet Stone

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Eggshell sample

    Parquet Eggshell

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Heather sample

    Parquet Heather

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Thistle Grey sample

    Parquet Thistle Grey

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Sky Blue sample

    Parquet Sky Blue

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Turquoise sample

    Parquet Turquoise

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Red Oxide sample

    Parquet Red Oxide

  • Neisha Crossland Parquet Mimosa sample

    Parquet Mimosa

  • Dovetail Lavastone

  • Dovetail Flax

  • Dovetail Ochre

  • Dovetail Oxford Blue

  • Dovetail Ink Black

Colours Collection

A dramatic splash of vivid colour will bring fun and vitality to any space – and with so many shades to choose from, you’ll find exactly the right colour for the mood you’re creating. For that extra wow, why not mix it up by combining contrasting tiles to create a classic chequerboard? Or go bold and bright with a stunning block-coloured floor.

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Colours Collection
Colours Collection
Colours Collection

Colours Collection Flooring Ranges

  • Colours Collection Wisteria


  • Colours Collection Mountbatten Blue

    Mountbatten Blue

  • Colours Collection Frosty Blue

    Frosty Blue

  • Colours Collection Plum


  • Colours Collection Latte White

    Latte White

  • Colours Collection Sangria


  • Colours Collection Raspberry Pink

    Raspberry Pink

  • Colours Collection Yellow


  • Colours Collection Tangerine Dream

    Tangerine Dream

  • Colours Collection Pistachio


  • Colours Collection Poppy Seed

    Poppy Seed

  • Colours Collection Ecru


  • Colours Collection Jet Black

    Jet Black

Premium Wood

A beautiful collection of premium quality wood designs with authentic detailing, easy maintenance and outstanding durability. Part of our harmonious Signature Collection, these incredibly realistic wood effect tiles are available in a range of styles and tones, designed to perfectly complement our designer colours & patterns.

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Premium Wood Floor

Premium Wood Flooring Ranges

  • Premium Wood County Oak

    County Oak

  • Premium Wood Pear Tree

    Pear Tree

  • Premium Wood Scrubbed Pecan

    Scrubbed Pecan

  • Premium Wood Sawn Oak

    Sawn Oak

  • Premium Wood Reclaimed Pine

    Reclaimed Pine

  • Premium Wood Church Pine

    Church Pine

  • Premium Wood Pecan


  • Premium Wood Walnut


  • Premium Wood Antique Oak

    Antique Oak

  • Premium Wood Lamp Black

    Lamp Wood

  • Natural Oak

  • Limed Oak

  • Sussex Oak

  • Fumed English Oak

  • Portobello Oak

  • Limed Oak Parquet

  • Lamp Wood Parquet

  • Country Oak Parquet

  • Fumed Oak Parquet

  • Sussex Parquet

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