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Choosing a floor and getting a quote

Choosing a new floor

If it is some time since you investigated a new floor, you will find many new materials, techniques and finishes to give you more choice. While we always stock the firm favourites that stand the test of time, we are always on the look out for new ideas.

How much flooring do I need?

When you have an idea of what you want, call or email us with your choice and room measurements. We don’t do high-pressure selling in your home. We will need to ask you one or two things. Then we can give you an idea of the cost involved to help with your choice. 

If this rough estimate seems acceptable we will visit and carry out a detailed survey to identify any issues that might arise in fitting. Then we can give you a firm quotation. This usually takes a week or so.

Choosing flooring

Fitting & supply of flooring

Experienced flooring fitters

Choose you fitters wisely, make sure they have the experience and the knowledge to work with the materials you wish to purchase. Don’t be drawn to a cheap installation prices, many of the installers we know charge a fair price based on their skills and experience within their trade. Remember there are 2 parts to a new floor, first the product itself and secondly the fitting of the product.’

A very expensive product can easily be ruined by inexperienced or poor fitters.

Flooring installation DIY guide

If you are installing your new wooden or stone floor yourself and you require technical information please use one of the guides below. They will help you with the floor preparation all the way through to applying the final finish or sealer.

If you are still unsure about anything please call the showroom on 01603 675800.

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